At Hudson River Park’s Pier 84 Boathouse, west of 12 Ave and W.44th Street, Floating The Apple offers after school boat-building and learn to team-row classes to high school age children as well as, rowing for adventure, for on-the-water exercise, and friendly racing. We also design programs to earn Community Service credits for High Schools.

Are you interested in team rowing the way it was done in 1819 … and is still done today?

Many rowing organizations world-wide and high school students in many states in the USA are interested in team rowing and racing in traditional wooden rowboats like the Whitehalls we build today at Pier 84 in Hudson River Park. The sport of rowing at the Olympic level is done in shells which are not open water boats and not usable in the Hudson River NY Harbor.

Our rowboats were specifically designed for navigable Hudson River conditions. Our traditional Whitehall gigs weigh 300 pounds and are 25 foot long, four-oared human powered vessels steered by a coxswain. We provide learn-to-row instruction seasonally from April to December 5th. Those who have practiced traditional team rowing may be interested in more advanced coxswain training we offer. Care of the rowboats is taught: how to place them in and out of the water; how to enter and exit a rowboat from a floating dock or ladder; how to tie up a boat at the dock. Life jackets are required to be used at all times while on the private floating dock and in the boats.

We take the public rowing and will teach interns the fun of teaching the public how to row in our North cove protected by the awesome Intrepid. Interns will entertain and inform public visitors of the history of the NY Harbor and Hudson River. This training is useful for Summer Internships available again in 2011 as a volunteer program with hours earned eligible for a community service award certificate. Form attached. We are an organizational rowing club member of the US Rowing Association. All volunteers, interns and active rowers may become members.

A parent or guardian must approve of a youth applicant’s ability ( under 18 years of age ) to participate in our programs at the Boat House and sign a US Rowing membership waiver form. We will be happy to send you the forms and also point you to further information on at web site: , then click “estuarine sanctuary” and “boating”. Also visit the following: where you may find our location and view our gig and boat house. You are welcome to visit the boat house and also to call to ask further questions. Make an appointment to visit. Call 212 564 5412. And ask for Adina or Andy. Remember “ All ” volunteers and interns must be able to swim and the minimum Intern age is 14.

Student Internship Age requirement: fourteen to twenty-five

Volunteer for Community Service: we offer Internship training for 2010-11 school-year; eligible Interns will be interviewed and approved to earn Community Service. Commitment: Needed but flexible.

Tel: 212 564 5412

Email: website: or

Comments: “Sounds like an amazing, fun program. Mission is to restore waterways. Teens may
row boats in the rivers of NYC to educate others about the history of our urban waterways and the health of its eco-system. FTA promotes clean water.

Operates out of Pier 84 at the end of 44th St. just south of the “Intrepid.” Beginners welcome.”

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