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FLOATING THE APPLE, INC A Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established 2001 founded 1992

PARENTS: We offer “Boat Building and Team Rowing CLASSES” to High School Students ENROLLED IN OUR AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS.

Students will develop teamwork skills while learning how to row and how to safely manage a rowboat on land and in the water. Students will learn how to cooperate with their adult instructors while practicing how to work together more effectively to advance their rowing skills. Students will be challenged to strengthen their team for competitive rowing or to serve their community taking the public rowing in our protected estuarine sanctuary cove.

High school graduation requirements may include 50 to 100 hours of Community Service and Floating the Apple is a key organization offering a desired site and programs with student internship opportunities. Parents, strengthen your child’s own possibilities for the future!

If you have questions or wish to obtain further information, please write to Floating the Apple 1225 Park Avenue, Suite C10, New York, New York 10128



212 564 5412

Since 1994 Floating the Apple (FTA) has encouraged people of all ages to experience the personal reward of hands-on BOAT BUILDING and ROWING. Participants practice in wooden rowboats, akin to famous 19th century Whitehall, N.Y. Harbor Rowboats.

We BUILD AND ROW our gigs at Floating the Apple’s Hudson River Park Boat House at Pier 84/West 44 Street and 12th Ave, south of the awesome Intrepid Museum.

Please, upload our flier here>

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